1st Monthly Update

In Monthly, Updates on February 23, 2007 by Jim


·         Dr. John Edwards

·         Dr. Anne Surma

·         Dr. Kate Fitch

·         Dr. Subhash Morzaria

·         Jim Caro


·         Introductions

·         Project Overview (J. Edwards)

·         Work Updates (J. Caro/S. Morzaria)

·         Next steps


The first meeting of stakeholders to the proposed PhD work of Jim Caro. The Project is a collaboration among the Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases in the Greater Mekong Subregion Project, the Australian Biosecurity-Centre for Research Cooperation and Murdoch University. Participating in the first teleconference to discuss the arrangements among other things regarding the study are John Edwards, Anne Surma, Kate Fitch, Subhash Morzaria and Jim Caro.

Anne and Kate are from Murdoch University . Anne specializes on publication, professional and public communication among others. Kate is a specialist in media communications culture among others and interested in evaluation of communication campaigns. Subhash is the Project CTA, scientist in profession with a background on epidemiology and virology. His affiliation with Murdoch University was currently formalized with his accreditation as adjunct professor. Jim is a development communication professional with interest in information materials development and communications evaluation.

Project Overview

John briefed the participants on the development of the proposal and to the proposed work. He said that the proposal has been modified and the Project would closely be coordinated with AB-CRC and the FAO-ADB Project. It was underscored that Jim could use current data gathered in the Project for possible use in the dissertation development. He also pointed out that one of the possible methodologies that the study could explore is an action research approach, wherein methodologies are built along the way.

It was pointed out that the participation of Murdoch colleagues is initiated early to strengthen the academic defensibility of the study.  

Work Updates

Jim updated the group about the current development in the Project-initiated work on the knowledge, attitudes and practices survey. The survey was initially aimed at gathering baseline data. Further discussions led to the agreement of integrating other related studies to save effort and money. So, the KAP survey instrument includes questions not only on KAP but also seen to produce socio-economic and serological survey related data. Jim explained to the group the challenges that were encountered and steps undertaken to address these challenges. Another KAP survey is planned and would hopefully be considered in the Second Phase of the FAO ADB Project.

Jim has already paid the OSHC (Health Insurance for international students) and is expecting the certificate of enrolment to be released within the month. He will lodge his visa application by January 2007. His current contract with FAO finishes in July 2007 and he’s expected to start work in Murdoch right after that.

John mentioned the work of Ms. Elaine Llarena. Elaine is currently working on her PhD work also with the same arrangement, i.e., AB-CRC/FAO/Murdoch collaboration. Dr. Carolyn Benigno is also acting as one of her supervisors. John noted that good progress of Elaine’s work and noted that Jim and Elaine could closely work together in building each other’s dissertations.

Next Steps

  • Jim will write a process documentation of the current KAP survey citing challenges and remedies made among others.
  • Jim to start working on the review of literatures.
  • John to meet with Subhash and Jim to further discuss the work project.
  • Jim/Subhash to visit Murdoch sometime early next year. Subhash to possibly deliver technical seminar/lecture while Jim to initially work on the proposal among other things.
  • Prior to Jim’s arrival in Australia , a once a month telephone conference will be held to discuss work developments among others (regardless who is available) and a fortnightly group email update would be broadcasted.


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