2nd Fortnightly Update

In Fortnightly, Updates on February 23, 2007 by Jim

My apologies for almost missing this fortnighly briefing–thanks to Subhash for reminding me. 

As most of my work would be related to my studies, I’ll be briefing you on both.

Work related activities: We are currently re-encoding all fo the data collected early last year. This would ensure that we would be able to correlate the KAP variables with the serological results, e.g., if the farmers claimed that they don’t vaccinate, this should be confirmed by the serological results. I am also currently writing a communication proposal for the second phase, which would eventually integrate my work on my research and details on Murdoch’s (my) collaboration with the Project.

Study related activities: I’m still in the process of gathering and writing a first draft of the review of literature and process documentation (prodoc) of the recent KAP survey that we’ve conducted. I look forward to submit a first draft by March.


Scheduled monthly teleconference: As of this writing, the scheduled monthly teleconference is scheduled on 29 January (0400GMT) 

Visa Matters: I am travelling to Manila this weekend to speak in a communication workshop of the HPAI Project in the Philippines under the Japanese Trust Fund. Thus, I’ll be able to file our visa application immediately after that.

Miscellaneous: I now have an account on (see end of this message for details), so if you have one, too, and find any interesting links please save it for me or just email me the link. 🙂 


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