2nd Monthly Update

In Monthly, Updates on February 23, 2007 by Jim

Following are the meeting highlights of our recent teleconference, many thanks for your active participation:


  • Dr. John Edwards
  • Dr. Anne Surma
  • Dr. Kate Fitch
  • Elaine Llarena
  • Jim Caro


  • Subhash Morzaria


  • Updates (J. Edwards/J. Caro) and next steps
  • Next steps

Updates and Next steps 

John updated the group re his meeting with Jim. The meeting resulted to a more focused objective of the study. One of the goals being considered now is building a communication model on communicating TADs. The initial idea is to test various communication strategies and come up with a communication model for animal health programs.

The challenge is to justify the methodology that would strengthen the model for animal health communication. Jim also informed the group that he’s to submit a communication proposal to the ADB consultant, which would include budget for activities in the coming months. There was also a minor discussion on the visa requirements. Elaine briefed Jim on the process that she had to go through in Manila.

Following are action points:

  • Jim to finish the process documentation of the Project’s KAP survey
  • First draft of literature review to be submitted by March

Recent developments, etc.

  • The concept notes and communication plan that I previously written were submitted to the ADB consultant, however, no feedback has been received. No definite concept note and work plan for the animal health communication activities for the Project’s Phase II was submitted though. However, I was able to indicate that it might take around US$30,000 for communication activities for two years.
  • I’ve already submitted our visa application. I’m waiting for the pre-visa assessment. As most of you know, the PVA is the pre-requisite for the eCOE, which I should submit to the Oz Embassy here in Thailand, then I can be issued a visa stamp.

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