First Meeting at Murdoch

In Fortnightly, Updates on August 14, 2007 by Jim

Finally my supervisors and I met formally for the first time. The meeting was held during their scheduled meeting with Elaine. I prepared an agenda, however, I failed to give out a hard copy during the meeting. It turned out well as we sorted out how the future meeting should be timed.

It was agreed that I will meet them on a fortnightly basis (as with the previous arrangement when I was still in Bangkok) and that it will proceed as scheduled (Mondays, 11 to 12 pm, WA time), as long as I’m present, regardless whether the panel is complete or not. It was important to keep up a regular meeting at this stage of the research. I will also direct the direction of each meeting by setting the agenda.

I informed the panel that I signed up in various tutorials and academic help in the Uni. The training that I signed up range from Endnote to SPSS to writing the first six months of the PhD. I was encouraged by the panel to attend any training that I deem will help me in the research work.

Subhash will be briefed on Friday via telephone on the meeting outcome and for a separate research planning in relation to the FAO/ADB Project’s stake on the research.

It was good that Kate organized a time for me to meet Anne. The informal meeting was more on introducing myself and my fields of interest to Anne and Kate. I’m grateful to John, Subhash, Anne and Kate who all agreed to supervise me in this research. It is indeed an honor to have everyone on board. 🙂


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