Contemplating to do a PhD?

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The moment I decided to take an advanced postgraduate training, there were a number of issues that I needed to resolve before starting my formal training. Establishing my conceptual framework, methodology and trying to learn from previous PhD students.

I’m quite new to the Australian system of advanced postgraduate training where it seems to be unstructured and you are wholly independent. If you lose focus, you might as well say goodbye to the finish line of your journey towards a PhD degree. Two books that I found very useful especially for students used to structured graduate program such as the American system are as follows:

For people contemplating to jump into the PhD wagon, especially those in the humanities or social sciences, you should read and ‘meditate’ on Graves and Varma’s book. If you are looking at using qualitative approach, Morse and Richards’ book is a must.

There are also a lot of resource sites online. I have attended one of the road shows of ‘PhD in Progress’ and it is highly recommended for PhD students regardless of year they are into their PhDs.


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