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If there’s any self-portrait that I would choose as of this writing, this will be it. This is, technically, a self-portrait. I have set my DSLR on auto-timer as I walked my children to school.


I am a full-time househusband whenever I am on full-time study. However, whether I am practicing my profession as a development communicator or studying as a student, I am always a father. I think this has defined my pursuit for greater heights both in my professional and personal life. When I first took on an international assignment based in Bangkok, I took into consideration whether I could bring my children. It turned out well both for my profession and my personal life. When I was offered to take on an advanced postgraduate training, I also took into consideration what is its implication on my children and I guess it’s turning out to be well for them and yes, it’s turning out to be good for my professional life. My journey in life is as good as my research journey, it has full of surprises both pleasant and not so pleasant but in the end, I’m sure it will turn out to be good for me and my girls.


This is an entry for the Murdoch University Blogging Competition. If you like this post, please vote for me here.


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