World Financial Crisis Virtually Cuts Research Fund into Half

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The recent world credit crisis has had an effect on almost everyone on the planet. If you thought that researchers were spared, think again.

The research fund for my research was virtually slashed to half as the US dollar dipped to its lowest rate last year. The Australian dollar had some battering that an original proposal to cover field expenses ended up costing almost double than what was originally proposed. However, thanks to contacts in the field, some costs saving measures are feasible despite the crisis. But I had to admit that inevitably affected my research strategies that I had to make some changes. I did try my best to accommodate the changes without sacrificing validity and time.

Now that’s lessons learned in research planning, when including a space for miscellaneous funding, substantially overestimate, you can always return the money anyway.


2 Responses to “World Financial Crisis Virtually Cuts Research Fund into Half”

  1. if you “substantially overestimate” they’ll see right through it and tell you to take a flying leap. i’m going to apply for funding in a couple of months from a foundation. Wish me luck!

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