There is nothing beyond the reach of determination

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This has always been one of my life mottoes. I reckon that this will be the first thing that I would give to anybody considering Uni.

There is nothing beyond the reach of determination

I came from a developing country where education is becoming a privilege rather than a right. To be given this chance to pursue further studies abroad is beyond privilege, it is a blessing.

I do not belong to the well-off strata of Philippine society but I guess my determination to get to where I want to go is part of the reason that I’m here. My properties consist of small items and nothing major—no real estate, not even a decent car back home. International students pay double the tuition fee compared to what their local counterparts pay here in Australia but thanks to the Partnership Scholarship of the Uni, my tuition fee is waived and I get to receive a very basic living allowance.

Studying is both a fulfilling and stressful phase in one’s life but I suppose most of us will agree that it is important in any person’s life—whether you do it formally or informally.

I remember missing the shortlist of a scholarship offered a few years ago but I was determined landing a spot and still hoped. Call it a miracle but one of the shortlisted candidates withdrew and the rest was history.

So, in weighing your options for college, assess whether you’re up to the challenge and will you be determined to overcome those challenges? If you see any current adversity, I suggest you see beyond that, while weighing seriously any implications of it on you, and pursue your goal. For those contemplating a PhD, you might want to read an earlier post I wrote.


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2 Responses to “There is nothing beyond the reach of determination”

  1. Jim

    I have had the privillege of working with people in the animal health communications field from across Southeast Asia and believe that it is vital that we have people like Jim who have the ‘common’ touch spreading the work about the importance of good animal husbandry.

    With food security looming as a major issue in the not too distant future, agriculture will need strong commonsense advocates who can articulate farmers concerns and importantly can speak and communicate with farmers about new ways of doing business.

    Congrats of the post – love the motto – pity i dont always follow it

    • 🙂 many thanks mate! I think we have HPAI and swine flu to “thank” for for the attention that animal health is getting nowadays.

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