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What do international students usually consider after deciding on the course and establishing the reputation of the university that they would go to? I reckon that they will consider whether the university community is safe and pleasant.

Even if I was an outsider, I would have ranked Murdoch University as one of one of the best university communities here in Australia. There are a number of things that make Murdoch a very special place to live and study. And here is my list:

  • Quenda sanctuary: A university doubling as a wildlife sanctuary is an excellent marketing characteristic as it shows the commitment of the institution to environmental issues. I’m glad that Murdoch University is one of such Uni. It aims to be a refuge for these small urban dwellers. A signage somewhere in the Uni describes Quendas as “small bandicoots with small muscular bodies and strong legs for digging.” My first encounter with these little furry creatures was just outside our trailer office. I thought it was a big rat but its nose was too pointy to be one. It is supposed to be a nocturnal animal but I guess the human invasion modified the lifestyle of some of them. I found this one coming out from under the Asian Food whether it is foraging left-over food or calls the Asian Food base as his home, I’m not sure.
  • Quenda

  • Asian Food: International and local students and staff troop this food shop every high noon. The queues could stretch as long as 8 meters during peak hours during the sem. I’m a rice eater so this is an obvious choice and yes, it is conveniently located just outside our trailer office. I also heard that it has a Facebook fan page (and there’s one who set-up a hate page)?!  🙂
  • Bush Court: Where all the action happens—from protest actions, exhibit, markets among others. Although this is way too small from the university field back in my university back home, it is a pleasant place to unwind.
  • Chinese Garden: Small garden near the Education and Humanities buildings. There are ducks that sometimes hang around there. This is the first place that I fell in love with here at the Uni
  • Vet School: Murdoch University is the only school that offers veterinary science in Western Australia. As of this writing, it is the uni’s most popular course offered. The school also boast of being the “first course in Australia to be awarded accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA.” This is especially good for graduates who also want to take their practice in North America.
  • Anatomy Museum: If you’re into bones (whether it is the TV series or the literal one), then this place is for you. You’ll find different displays of bones of different animal species. So, whether you will be reviewing for your anatomy class or just a curious George, head on to the anatomy museum at the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences.
  • Emu bone

  • Farm: if there’s a vet school, yes there is a farm around the corner. The farm is located around 100 metres walk South of Murdoch College. It caters to There is a farm at the uni and it primarily caters to dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, alpaca and horses. More information on the services that they offer here.
  • Leading Vet Hospital: It follows that if the Uni is one of the leading vet school in the country, it also has a good hospital to complement it. The School boasts of the state-of-the-art facilities in the hospital including internationally renowned vet faculty staff.
  • Graduate Centre: Despite the plans to abolish this centre, I guess this is one of the most important ‘hubs’ for international graduate students. The centre is obviously undermanned but it has delivered despite some stressful phase to some graduate students, including me. I’m a bit ambivalent on the plan to abolish this centre but one uni official assured graduate students that the new one will be better and there will be “a specific team for supporting HDR students.” Whether they will deliver, let’s wait and see.
  • Training Learning Centre: Everybody needs some TLC. Yes, any new student should acquaint him/herself of the services rendered by the TLC—whether it is academic or just trying to get some study management skills. This is the place to go. Whether you like to hone up on your lecture on statistics, English grammar, managing time among others, the Training Learning Centre is the place to go. Joining their program is as easy as just signing the paper on their bulletin board. The ever accommodating staff and lecturers are a big bonus.

And my list could go on and on but that’s all for now folks.


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