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First Meeting at Murdoch

In Fortnightly,Updates on August 14, 2007 by Jim

Finally my supervisors and I met formally for the first time. The meeting was held during their scheduled meeting with Elaine. I prepared an agenda, however, I failed to give out a hard copy during the meeting. It turned out well as we sorted out how the future meeting should be timed.

It was agreed that I will meet them on a fortnightly basis (as with the previous arrangement when I was still in Bangkok) and that it will proceed as scheduled (Mondays, 11 to 12 pm, WA time), as long as I’m present, regardless whether the panel is complete or not. It was important to keep up a regular meeting at this stage of the research. I will also direct the direction of each meeting by setting the agenda.

I informed the panel that I signed up in various tutorials and academic help in the Uni. The training that I signed up range from Endnote to SPSS to writing the first six months of the PhD. I was encouraged by the panel to attend any training that I deem will help me in the research work.

Subhash will be briefed on Friday via telephone on the meeting outcome and for a separate research planning in relation to the FAO/ADB Project’s stake on the research.

It was good that Kate organized a time for me to meet Anne. The informal meeting was more on introducing myself and my fields of interest to Anne and Kate. I’m grateful to John, Subhash, Anne and Kate who all agreed to supervise me in this research. It is indeed an honor to have everyone on board. 🙂



Latest updates (4th Fortnightly/4th Monthly)

In Fortnightly,Ideas,Monthly,Updates on April 23, 2007 by Jim

I owe all of you big time as I missed on my fortnightly (I think 2 or 3) and monthly (one) updates.

Following are the development on my side.

Research/work Progress

The KAP survey data have been re-encoded making it possible for a more detailed analysis. I’ve submitted a first draft to Subhash for his comments and I’ll make a copy of the report available to all ASAP. I’m still doing some cleaning of the data analysis and graph/table presentation but the major results are already included in the draft report I’ve submitted.

I’m satisfied with the data that I have and the results that we’ve achieved.

Literature Review

I got sidetracked by the KAP survey data encoding and report writing that I set aside writing the review of litereature. However, I was thinking much about the research proposal.

After much contemplation, a few research and comments solicitations, I’ve realized that my goal to establish an animal health communication theory is not possible. A former supervisor and professor commented that theory building in communication should transcend message sectors such as agriculture. Another one noted that what I should focus on is building a theory in communication strategy for animal health.

I was close to considering these as setbacks but I think I’m still on track about establishing the importance of communication in animal health programs. It might just a matter of how I logically defend my thesis but I think for now I would have to drop the goal of establishing an animal health communication theory.

Given the comments, I’m looking at a possible strategy of documenting how GMS countries, specifically Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam, initiate and implement communications programs on animal health specifically on TADs control. I will also review communication strategies and communication theories to relate findings on the GMS countries. What is needed at this point is establishing that there is a difference in communicating animal health as opposed to public health communication. This would entail long debate and I believe I can defend my strategy/thesis.

Subhash assured me that there is some funding for communication activities for the first one year extension of the project. I’m racing against time to draft a communication plan for the following year that would contribute to my research goals.


I’ve received the scholarship documentation from AB-CRC by email, first, then by post. I’ve returned the papers/forms that needed to be returned like the acceptance letter and finance form. I’ve also sent you the professional development plan. I’ve put in a, hopefully, manageable and logical plan for the first year. I do hope that you’ll all find time to look into it and suggest other things that you deem I should take for the first year.  

Visa Developments

I’ve previoulsy informed all of you of the favorable assessment of my pre-visa requirements. The Australian Embassy, however, cautioned me not to make final arrangements as the visa application is not yet complete. I’m just awaiting the issuance of the electronic certificate of enrollment from Murdoch University then we (my family and I) will proceed to medical examination.

After submitting the eCOE, medical exam results, OSHC proof of payment (again), passports, it would be another waiting game as to when they will return the visa with or without the visa stamp. But I’m quite confident that, at this point, it will be a favorable one.


3rd Fortnightly Update

In Fortnightly,Updates on February 23, 2007 by Jim

Welcome to this repository of my research work. I hope you are fine with this arrangement. I’ll be posting materials that I stumble online. So, if I also stumble on my write-up or become grammatically challenged or post a useless resource–I ask for your indulgence but definitely welcome any frank comment or feedback. I do encourage you to comment on the materials that I might find along the way so I do look forward to an active discussion as we build this research project.

My fortnightly and monthly updates will be posted here and pending your consent, I will subscribe you all to an email subscription of this blog so that you can receive anything that I post here (whether updates or just random thoughts on the research). To the current developments:


As of this writing, I’m working on the concept note on the research proposal. I have yet to start writing the process documentation  on the KAP survey conducted and the first draft of literature review. Some of the problems I encountered are the lack of access to quality English references. I am relying on online references where some sources’ credibility are not certain. If I find a legitimate reference, I would have to pay online to read the whole article. Dr. Carolyn Benigno has assisted me in accessing some books through the University of Sydney Library. I’ve also asked assistance from Elaine.


My (and my family’s) visa application is with the Australian Embassy here in Bangkok. It usually takes three weeks for an assessment level 3 applicant. Today is the third week and I do hope that we’ll be advised by Tuesday of a favorable outcome.

I think that’s about it for now. Looking forward to our next call conference.

Cheers! 🙂


2nd Fortnightly Update

In Fortnightly,Updates on February 23, 2007 by Jim

My apologies for almost missing this fortnighly briefing–thanks to Subhash for reminding me. 

As most of my work would be related to my studies, I’ll be briefing you on both.

Work related activities: We are currently re-encoding all fo the data collected early last year. This would ensure that we would be able to correlate the KAP variables with the serological results, e.g., if the farmers claimed that they don’t vaccinate, this should be confirmed by the serological results. I am also currently writing a communication proposal for the second phase, which would eventually integrate my work on my research and details on Murdoch’s (my) collaboration with the Project.

Study related activities: I’m still in the process of gathering and writing a first draft of the review of literature and process documentation (prodoc) of the recent KAP survey that we’ve conducted. I look forward to submit a first draft by March.


Scheduled monthly teleconference: As of this writing, the scheduled monthly teleconference is scheduled on 29 January (0400GMT) 

Visa Matters: I am travelling to Manila this weekend to speak in a communication workshop of the HPAI Project in the Philippines under the Japanese Trust Fund. Thus, I’ll be able to file our visa application immediately after that.

Miscellaneous: I now have an account on (see end of this message for details), so if you have one, too, and find any interesting links please save it for me or just email me the link. 🙂 


Protected: First fornightly update

In Fortnightly,Updates on February 23, 2007 by Jim

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