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Writing Pains

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As a development communicator, one of the most basic rules of writing that my mentors taught me was to think about your reader (this also applies to presenting anything whether orally or visually). In doing so, you’ll save time in explaining things or writing something that might sound alien to your readers.

As I’ve started writing my dissertation, I’ve always been guided by this principle, however, I’ve started to doubt myself completely as I’ve submitted drafts after drafts and my supervisors read it as vague. I was clear with what I wanted to do, I was clear with what I did and I was clear with what I wanted to say. However, it just came out off.

There were some concepts that I have mentioned and have explained briefly but I was asked to expound on them. Agreed. The next draft, it’s another story, any mention of the concepts had to be dropped and/or was asked to just explain briefly. I’ve documented the flow of discussions on the drafts but I just don’t feel that it is worth following some inconsistent recommendations. I felt it was my fault so I had to fix it. It literally feels like a roller-coaster ride.

I have stopped writing this month to reignite my passion also my body warranted to me to rest after I hurt my back seriously. I thought the rest will give me a fresh motivation and inspiration. I think I’m wrong, it just aggravated my anxiety.

On a positive note, I think I have learned to look at the big picture and be as detailed as possible. Oh and yes, read your draft before clicking that send button—you might be submitting an older draft instead of the new one. 🙂




Maturity is:

  • the ability to stick with a job until it’s finished;
  • the ability to do a job without being supervised;
  • the ability to carry money without spending it; and,
  • the ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

Abigail Van Buren

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Contemplating to do a PhD?

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The moment I decided to take an advanced postgraduate training, there were a number of issues that I needed to resolve before starting my formal training. Establishing my conceptual framework, methodology and trying to learn from previous PhD students.

I’m quite new to the Australian system of advanced postgraduate training where it seems to be unstructured and you are wholly independent. If you lose focus, you might as well say goodbye to the finish line of your journey towards a PhD degree. Two books that I found very useful especially for students used to structured graduate program such as the American system are as follows:

For people contemplating to jump into the PhD wagon, especially those in the humanities or social sciences, you should read and ‘meditate’ on Graves and Varma’s book. If you are looking at using qualitative approach, Morse and Richards’ book is a must.

There are also a lot of resource sites online. I have attended one of the road shows of ‘PhD in Progress’ and it is highly recommended for PhD students regardless of year they are into their PhDs.