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The last fortnight was the most nerve-wracking episode of my PhD journey. My main supervisor “ditched” me as I can’t contact him through any means and I’m not sure why. It was out of his character to just do that without saying any reason. But the last definite plan we agreed on was to submit it last week.

The good news was that I was able to find a way to ask the School Dean to delegate the co-supervisors to sign off my thesis for submission. Another good news was that I found through a former colleague that my main supervisor is still alive but I still wasn’t sure why he has not contacted me. Finally, ready or not, I submitted my thesis last Friday. I suppose I can never please everyone even myself. I’m just glad I submitted. Now on to the long episode of waiting for the examiners’ report.




Reinventing agricultural extension to smallholders

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The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture describes agriculture extension and argues that it is an evolving field.


Back from hibernation

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I meant to post all of my insights and reflections in this blog but the pressures of trying to deliver THE draft to my supervisors was too big that I wasn’t able to keep up with the ‘rigors’ of blogging.

Blogging is a stress-reliever for me and I think these past few days, stress took its toll as I developed mouth ulcers and regular episodes of migraines. There are a number of drafts I have yet to finish for this blog and I will be completing them in the coming days.

A big reason also for deciding to breaking the blog hibernation is a contest! A compelling way to revive this dying blog of mine. 🙂

Murdoch University is running a blog competition among students. There are nice prizes however I was bent on reviving this blog with the hope that it is helpful to a handful of postgraduate hopefuls in their quest to get some guidance before jumping into the boat for a higher degree. Winning the contest will just be a good consolation, reviving this blog is the main goal. 🙂

But if you like what you’ve read or will be reading in the coming days, please don’t forget to vote for this blog.